Fire resistance rated construction inspection NYC

Our expert inspectors are here to ensure that your construction meets all necessary standards, with particular attention to fire-resistance.

As per 110.3.4 of the construction code, our inspections include a thorough examination of fire-resistance-rated partitions, floors, ceilings, and shafts, as well as fire shutters. We inspect all construction work to ensure compliance with approved construction documents.

In cases where existing fire-rated wall assemblies need to be worked on, we guarantee that any through-penetration firestopping is conducted safely, with no harm to the surrounding area. The progress inspection for fire-resistance-rated construction is not required provided that the special inspection agency verifies the restoration of any removed portion of the fire-resistant rated construction, which is less than 4 square feet, to its original condition.

With our expertise and attention to detail, your construction project in NYC will meet all the necessary fire safety standards. Contact us today to schedule a fire resistance rated construction inspection and ensure that your building is secure against the dangers of fire.