Fire resistant penetrations and joints inspections NYC

We understand the importance of maintaining safety standards in your building, which is why we offer thorough inspections for fire-resistant penetrations and joints. Our team of experts specializes in conducting special inspections for through-penetrations, membrane penetration firestops, fire-resistant joint systems, and perimeter fire barrier systems that are tested and listed in accordance with Sections 714.3.1.2, 714.4.2, 715.3 and 715.4.

When it comes to ensuring that your building is equipped to withstand fires, we don't take chances. That's why our inspections for penetration firestop systems and fire-resistant joint systems comply with Sections 1705.17.1 and 1705.17.2, respectively. We work in accordance with ASTM E 2174 for the inspection of penetration firestop systems, and ASTM E 2393 for fire-resistant joint systems.

Safety is our priority. Trust our team of experts to provide reliable and comprehensive inspections for your building's fire-resistant penetrations and joints. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule your inspection.