Originally founded as an MEP design firm, Alan C. Margolin, PE launched the firm over forty years ago, in 1981. With a strong background and education in construction, Alan’s knowledge and experience aided and facilitated the early successes of the company. By the late 1990s, Alan expanded the firm to include consulting and inspection services in addition to growing his client base. While developing his methodology and experience, Alan quickly elevated the company to become one of the leading New York engineering firms focused on Special Inspections.

In 2013, Andrew Borek and Young Suh succeeded Alan, re-incorporating the firm to Alan Margolin & Associates Consulting Engineers & Architects, D.P.C. Under their guidance, the firm provides a full range of consulting engineering services as a Class One accredited agency. The AMAA team continues to raise standards for Special Inspections through constant innovation, technology, and communication. The firm continues to evolve its services as it constantly searches for new opportunities to evaluate and improve services.

AMAA launches their Structural Engineering division. In addition to Special Inspections and Material Testing, the firm additionally provides full service structural engineering solutions, supported both by new talent and existing.

AMAA launches their own Material Testing Lab, providing a full range of construction-oriented material testing services, and receives early recognition for their professionalism and quality.

Alan brings on new management and shifts to an advisory role, looking to transition the firm. With this evolution, the company was able to streamline their services.

The New York City Department of Buildings requires Special Inspections be performed on each construction project in New York City as of the NYC Building Code. AMAA are known leaders and experts in this field.

Alan expands the firm from mechanical design services to provide controlled inspections, becoming an early provider of this niche specialty.

Alan C. Margolin, P.E. introduces the firm with an emphasis on mechanical design.