DOB Clarifies Concrete Placement Procedures

13 October 2021 | 10 min read

DOB Clarifies Concrete Placement Procedures

Alan Margolin & Associates would like to highlight that the Department of Buildings (DOB) recently released 2021-003 Bulletin with the intent to avoid non-conforming concrete placement within New York City. This Bulletin was born from investigated localized concrete failures throughout a high-rise structure. These failures were caused by grout slurry, used as a priming agent to lubricate the boom and hoses on the concrete pump truck, being cast-in-place in advance of the approved design mix. The DOB emphasizes the importance of actively monitoring initial and ongoing placement of concrete, ensuring any lubricant is properly disposed of prior to placement of design mix, and not contaminating the mix being placed.

The DOB's 2021-003 Bulletin reminds permit holders that NYC developments must actively undergo special inspections during concrete construction, where third party inspectors can verify the use of design mix in accordance with Section 1704.4 of the NYC Building Code. The special inspector must be continuously present in the area where the work is performed to identity potential contamination, confirm appropriate mix is poured, and monitor placement. Communication between the inspectors and those on site is essential during all stages of construction.

If your project requires special inspections or material testing services for concrete construction, Alan Margolin & Associates can help you fulfill these requirements. AMAA’s AASHTO accredited laboratory provides extensive concrete testing so clients are confident their construction meets the specified criteria. AMAA is also one of the few regional labs able to perform compressive strength testing of high-strength concrete up to 30,000 PSI.

AMAA's special inspections and material testing solutions can help you champion challenges in new concrete construction. Our inspectors are collaborative, practical and deadline-oriented professionals. Their level of experience allows them to guide the inspection process from inception through construction and sign off. Our team understands the cooperative nature and practical function that our services require to provide clients with results that are contingent to construction and design specification.