AMAA provides a full range of engineering services to support client needs. These services include: Special Inspections, Material Testing, Structural Engineering Design, Nondestructive Testing, and Vibration Monitoring and Site Surveying. This extensive range of engineering services allows the firm to become a single source provider to its clients throughout the life cycle of their buildings, from initial infrastructure to ongoing operations and renovations. The firm continues to build on its services to ensure that client needs are met. Its highly qualified engineers are focused, experienced, team-oriented, and dedicated to servicing every project of which they are involved.

AMAA is widely experienced in nearly every project type and scale, having worked on the tallest towers in New York City, complex infrastructure, and a wide range of project programs.

AMAA is comprised of professional engineers, architects, certified inspection technicians, and top-tier administrators; each are dedicated to the safety of life and property.