The New York City Department of Buildings (NYC DOB) has enacted a rule under Local Law 126 of 2021 requiring building parapet inspections. This regulation requires building owners to have their parapets inspected annually by a competent inspector to identify any hazardous conditions. AMAA has decades of experience inspecting parapet repairs and our qualified team is available to help your structure meet these life safety requirements.

What to know:

Inspection period:


Any building with parapets fronting the public right of way except 1-2 family homes and buildings with a fence preventing access to the exterior wall. A Parapet is a low protective wall or barrier at the edges of a roof, which is an essential feature of a building. Over time, their structural integrity can be compromised, posing risks to both occupants and pedestrians.

Inspector qualification:

A person competent to inspect parapets. This includes, but is not limited to, an architect, engineer, bricklayer, building superintendent, handyman, mason or a person in a similar construction-related trade, inspector working for a New York State-authorized insurance company, and a New York State-authorized building inspector or any other individual capable of identifying hazards on the parapet.

Inspection procedure:

Primarily a visual based observation. The inspection may require measuring the plumbness, assessing its current condition, and reviewing equipment attached to the parapet to ensure soundness of its connection to the parapet, among other observations.

Report requirement:

The inspection report is not required to be submitted to the DOB but should be kept on site for record and made available for DOB inspection upon request. Report format and content may be similar to a structural visual inspection. The report must be prepared by the inspector or the owner in consultation with the inspector.

Working with AMAA

  1. Based on your parapets design and needs, our team will develop and establish checklists and report templates for your building’s future annual inspections.
  2. An AMAA qualified and experienced inspector will perform the required inspections.
  3. From the inspection, a detailed report will be generated for your building's records and associated repairs noted as needed.
  4. If elected, AMAA will develop an annual parapet inspection compliance program to simplify the process.