Our Structural Engineers are highly experienced with a broad spectrum of project types and scales. Our work primarily focuses on High-End Residential Design with complex architectural programming Multi-Family, Commercial, Retail, and Industrial Facility projects. Our engineers have worked extensively throughout South Florida and the Islands, including various waterfront sites.

AMAA remains at the forefront of technology innovation by incorporating sophisticated BIM modeling, generative design, nonlinear optimization, and machine learning. With the assistance of those advanced technologies, we are dedicated to accomplishing our goal of balancing elegance and practicality across our engineering solution.


New Building Design

AMAA provides structural design and analysis ranging from free standing single-story to mid-rise multi-building developments across Residential, Hospitality, Healthcare, Commercial/Retail & Educational to name a few. Our experience encompasses a vast range of building forms and materials & structural systems, including concrete, steel, wood, and masonry. We believe each project is a unique opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the built environment and its team.

Structural Alterations & Additions

Our engineers approach each renovation with creativity and sophistication. These projects require strong familiarity with differentiating building systems, and our engineers are equipped to tackle these challenges while considering owner concerns such as cost and aesthetics.

  • New Framing
  • New Elevator
  • New Stair
  • New Slab Opening
  • Structural Element Removal or Relocation
  • Vertical and Horizontal Enlargement
  • Design Miscellaneous Metal Structures
  • Marquee
  • Canopy
  • Guard Rail
  • Rooftop Dunnage
  • Screen & Site Walls
  • Bulkhead

Building Envelope

We work with architects, building owners, owner representatives, specialty contractors, and fabricators to provide services for both existing and new construction. Our envelope services for existing buildings typically include new opening formation and exterior wall modification. New buildings services are inclusive of, but not limited to, curtain wall design and peer review.


The stability of a structure is highly reliant on its foundation. Without proper design and considerations, a building will ultimately show signs of foundation related problems, leading to potential cosmetic and safety concerns. AMAA provides practical foundation designs for new building structures, assesses existing foundation issues, and determines actionable recommendations to ensure safety and peace of mind for the building occupants. Our experience includes existing foundation assessment and new foundation design such as spread footing, continuous wall footings, foundation wall, pile caps, and grade beams.

Facade Restoration

Our goal is to develop innovative and practical solutions tailored to each individual building and its unique façade-related challenges. For existing buildings, AMAA provides structural investigations, assessments, and analysis, design of repairs or replacements of deteriorated facade elements, restoration of historic facades, and facade bracing and retention. Although the surface expression (such as cracking or movement of masonry elements) of any façade issue may be recent, the underlying deterioration has most likely progressed over many years. Thus, uncovering and addressing the underlying issues is critical in the development of long-term, durable fixes. The starting point for our team is to isolate the cause(s) of the problem by thorough investigation.

Feasibility Studies

Due diligence and feasibility studies are tools for managing construction project risk by evaluating alternatives, challenges, and hazards during the site acquisition, project conception, or financing stages. Risks are best managed at project inception before programmatic planning has reached a stage where risk avoidance and mitigation measures are no longer available. Due diligence and feasibility studies can identify issues that must be addressed in project planning and design early in the process when changes can be made at minimal cost.

Peer Review and Value Engineering

Structural peer review is conducted by peers who are qualified in both experience and application of complex structural engineering designs and analyses. This review is to enhance the quality and structural safety of a complicated design system, such as Concrete and Steel Building Design, Tensile Membrane Structure Design, Shade Structure Design, or Modular Building Design. AMAA provides analyses and findings for potential cost saving opportunities where applicable.

Structural Analysis & BIM Modelling

AMAA remains at the forefront of technology innovation by incorporating sophisticated BIM modeling, generative design, nonlinear optimization, and machine learning. AMAA can perform advanced finite element modeling and analysis, loading calculations as per ASCE-7 among other applicable construction codes. With the assistance of those advanced technologies, we are dedicated to accomplishing our innate goal of serving our clients’ needs and delivering practical engineering solutions in a timely and responsive fashion

Structural Investigation

AMAA specializes in structural investigations of both historic and non-historic buildings. Investigations may be done to identify an existing structure’s chronic issues; others may be performed to assess a building’s load capacity. AMAA is equipped to provide a comprehensive study of a building or building components in question, using methods ranging from visual observations to detailed probe campaigns and sophisticated non-destructive evaluation (NDE) techniques.

Special Inspections

AMAA is accredited by the International Accreditation Service (IAS), a highly regarded quality control body, for over 40 individual inspection items. With their collaborative, practical, and deadline-oriented mindsets; AMAA engineers are extremely knowledgeable, reliable, and experienced. AMAA’s engineers and technicians provide a comprehensive proprietary report after each visit.













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