Building structural inspection North Texas (Dallas - Fort Worth metro 100-mile radius)

Evaluation of the performance of the existing structure including concrete foundation slab (slab-on-grade), concrete and masonry foundation wall, concrete structural slab, concrete framing, masonry load bearing wall, steel framing, light-weight wood framing, building code compliance, and maintenance conditions of the structural system. Analysis of the existing structure for the requirement of structural assessment, future addition, expansion, and alteration. Render expert opinion and recommendations regarding existing structure issues and conditions.

Structural Inspection North Texas Services:

  • Structural inspection
  • Structural assessment
  • Structural analysis
  • Structural issue
  • Property inspection
  • Foundation inspection
  • Foundation settlement
  • Window crack
  • Door crack
  • Slab crack
  • Ceiling crack
  • Drywall crack
  • Sheetrock crack
  • Leaning wall
  • Sloping floor